Home Decorating Tips for Newbies

Decorating your home yourself is a satisfying past time. Besides the feeling of accomplishment, you could also save a few dollars on labor. Contractors can be expensive especially for specialty or complicated projects. Sometimes it is difficult to explain what it is you want and easier to just do it yourself. Working on a DIY project yourself will allow you to decorate your home at a pace your wallet can handle. Use some home decorating tips for newbies to get started.

Use Color
Nothing transforms a home’s interior as completely as color. You color scheme selection should work together creating the atmosphere and ambiance you desire. Color usage can extend to wall and trim paints, furniture, curtains and even appliances. To convey a feeling of coolness in your home use a cool color scheme. Cool colors are generally, greens, blues and light purples. Warm colors work well in rustic homes. Warm colors can be yellows, reds, pinks and oranges. Metallic colors can blend with either cool or warm colors or can stand on their own. Metallic colors are silver, gold, bronze and rust.

Buying sets of matching furniture makes decorating easier for decorators new to design. Break up a matching furniture set and use it through your home or in just a couple of rooms. Add interest to your rooms with antique or antique reproduction pieces. Antiques with carving detail or wooden inlays are functional and interesting to look at. Choose wood furniture in different colors mixing dark and light colors in a room scheme. Blend a warm wood color scheme with your ceiling fan choices pull your furniture choices together.

Treat your windows like a piece of art. You will be spending lots of time looking at them so take the time to make them beautiful. Choose window treatments that allow you to control lighting and privacy in your home. Indoor shutters and wooden blinds give a home cool plantations feel. These types of minimal window treatments can transform a room into a beach getaway. Use pole rods and voluminous light sheers to create an airy, sophisticated look. For a home theater room, hang velvet curtains to block out light during your movie time. Traditional valance and drapes look wonderful in country style homes and ranch houses.

Casting light on your favorite art or dimming a romantic rosy boudoir are examples of how lighting evokes feeling. Walk through your home and note areas that need a bit of light. Recessed lighting and track lighting are easy to install and can put the emphasis on a favorite niche or shelf. Halogen lighting imitates sunlight better than fluorescent or incandescent lighting. Install Halogen lighting in areas that do not have access to direct sunlight. Lamps can be set on tables or stand freely on the floor. Chandelier lighting gives a dining room a formal setting for meals.

Working on a tight budget? Then just make a few decorating changes. Changing lighting or furniture in a room can drastically change the look. New decorators should experiment with all aspects of decorating to find what works best for them.


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