Making Your Home Flow from Room to Room

If you’ve ever walked into a model home or flipped through the pages of a home decorating magazine, you have likely been blown away by the beautiful images of perfectly decorated homes. If only we, the average folk, could get those same results! The truth is, we can. The biggest mistake most of us make in home decorating is that we decorate each room separately, without focusing on the bigger picture. Professional home decorators know how to decorate the home as a whole, rather than as individual rooms. Now, you can steal a few decorator secrets which will help you understand how to make your home flow.

Consistency is key in making your home flow

The key component in any well decorated home is consistency. Consistency in your paint colors, wood tones, home d├ęcor, and so on, will make your home flow freely from room to room. This is especially important in rooms that join together or are open to one another. Let’s take a look at what home decorators do to achieve beautiful results that we all want in our own homes.

Paint – To make your home flow with paint colors you do not need to use the same shade in each room. Instead, choose colors from the same color wheel and stick with colors that are of the same family. For example if you use warm colors in the bathroom, you’ll want to do the same in the living room, even if those room don’t adjoin. This creates a consist flow through the entire house which is exactly what home decorators would do for a client.

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  • Clean the surface with soap and water before applying the base coat. It enhances the grace of first coat.
  • Let the base coat dry properly. Apply second layer of base coat only after first coat dries off.
  • Apply third coat only if you like darker shade of the color.
  • Glossy layer is important because it imposes shine and transparency of the base color. Also, it makes the surface scratch resistant.
  • A few people will tell you that the top protective layer is not important but make sure you apply it because it makes the surface scratch resistant. It also saves the surface from the side-effects of chemical and moisture. Moreover, it protects the surface from molds, mildew and odor causing bacteria.

Finishes – Let’s say your bathroom fixtures are fairly old and are made of polished brass. Now let’s imagine that your new cabinet hardware has a brushed nickel finish. These two finishes together would clash horribly and create an eyesore. The same principal applies all over your home. To make your home flow from room to room, you’ll want to stay with the same basic finish for hardware, doorknobs, ceiling fans, sink faucets, and so on. Don’t mix brass and silver fixtures, even if they are in different rooms in different areas of the home.

Molding– Nothing will make a home look choppy more than mix-matched molding and trim work. All of the wood casings around windows should match one another as well as flow with the baseboards, and any crown molding or chair rail you have in your home. In other words, if the woodwork around your windows is pained white, your baseboards shouldn’t be white. Stick with one style and color shade and keep it consistent through the entire home.

Decorating style – Each room should not be an exact duplicate of the one before it, but they should all blend in together to make your home flow. For example, if your kitchen is decorated with a homey country theme, you wouldn’t want the bedroom to suddenly transition into a futuristic time machine with modern leather furniture and black velvet paintings! (Why would anyone want those black velvet paintings anyway? ) Stick with a decorating style in each room that will compliment the other.

Be patient in making your home flow

Keep in mind that it may take awhile to achieve these results. After all, none of us have the money or time it takes to transform a home overnight. Start with rooms that are open to one another, and then work to a different space. Making your home flow may take several months or even a year, but it will happen with patience. Set a new goal for each month (perhaps this month could be new paint, next month could be new trim work, etc) and the focus on meeting each individual goal. This will help keep you motivated and going forward.

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